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“I've been a designer for 12 years.. and a daddy for 4...
I tell stories all the time."


What will make you a more effective author of your memories?

If you own a camera, Then you should read this book.
This book and online resource is about empowering you to be more effective in preparing, documenting and sharing your memories. There are powerful resources for Family photographers. Topics include:

You won't need to know HTML or web design
. The book will offer real examples and techniques necessary for both existing and future software to come. It will concentrate on the approach that can be used over and over as technology changes and evolves.

Make visual presentations in minutes
. A recent Collaboration with 12 designers from around the world has provided a FREE limited edition of 'Future of Memories' templates for you to download & use. Automatically export your photos from iPhoto & Picasa. >> View Templates

This book gives you examples, instruction and inspiration for action. It is designed to be referenced, browsed, or read in any order that suits you. It is organized into four major sections incorporating the fundamental pillars to personal memories creation.

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“This book's passion for digital storytelling is infectious -- and the best part is this: It's easy. Most of us use our digital cameras roughly the way our grandparents used their Kodak Brownies. This book will open your eyes to a far richer way of preserving and sharing your memories.”

-Bill Camarda
Author and Web / Multimedia Content Developer, Barnes & Noble Read Only

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